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And if the season goes by and they never play him If Rosen turns out to be a franchise quarterback, he's an all-time steal. If not, he didn't cost anything, and they have a bunch of high draft picks and a ton of cap space with which to address quarterback next offseason. It's one thing to make a plan.

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It's another to stick with it. The NFL's most recently proximate example of what the Dolphins are trying to do is the Cleveland Browns , who look like a contender but had to endure a messy slew of coaching and front-office changes before landing where they've landed. Flores has a five-year contract, and I'm told the Dolphins have assured him they'll stick with him through the rebuild. But for this to work, they have to stay true to their word. If, say, Jim Harbaugh decides he wants to come back to the NFL, they can't just fire the coaching staff to take a run at him as their owner did once upon a time.

If you're a team in a division in which the same team wins 12 games every season, as Miami is, and that team's coach and quarterback probably have only a couple of years to go, this whole thing makes some degree of sense.


What good does it do the Dolphins to win, say, eight games instead of four? How do you fault them for deciding the right plan is to be as strong as possible two or three years from now, when Bill Belichick and Tom Brady might be wrapping it up? The key is that they stick with it, use those draft picks the right way and make good on their plan to build a sustainable winner from the ground up. Elliott's holdout worked, as he got to miss all of training camp and become the highest-paid running back in the league.

But from a team standpoint, the situation points to yet another reason that taking running backs with top-5 picks is a low-value proposition. So as of three days ago, he was already the seventh-highest-paid back in the league by average annual salary. Leonard Fournette , selected with the fourth overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars a year after Elliott was, is currently the eighth-highest paid back in the league. Saquon Barkley , taken No.

So the best-case scenario for the Jaguars and Giants is that Fournette and Barkley play great and the teams find themselves in the same situation the Cowboys were just in -- having to pay them at the top of the market or risk losing them. The draft is about value -- teams want to find players who can contribute before they have to pay big money.

When teams take a running back that high, they might be getting a great player, but they aren't getting value. Speaking of running backs, for those wondering how the Chargers' setup will go without Melvin Gordon , I wanted to share a bit of a conversation I had with Chargers coach Anthony Lynn recently. Discussing how he'd deploy Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson in Gordon's absence , the former running back and running backs coach told me he used to admire the way the Carolina Panthers used Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams in a two-back setup when those two were in their prime.

The Colts' quarterback maneuvers this week reminded me of another conversation I had recently with general manager Chris Ballard. We were talking about how Indianapolis entered the offseason with the most salary-cap space of any team in the league and didn't use very much of it, and Ballard said that was the plan, because he wanted to keep a big salary-cap cushion at all times. Ballard signed two quarterbacks this week, and the whole thing was basically cap-neutral.

Sources close to the collective bargaining agreement negotiations say they're stalled for the time being. The NFL Players Association NFLPA came out of last week's negotiating session believing the owners wouldn't agree to any deal without some sort of expansion of the season -- 17 games, 18 games, expanded playoffs, something. But sources say the owners have yet to offer a concrete proposal that includes such an expansion. Can the players' union, which has steadfastly insisted it wouldn't agree to an expanded season, reverse course on this?

The better question is: What's the price at which it would have to consider it?

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How high would the owners have to make that number to get the players to agree to an expanded season? It's possible the negotiations stall over this issue, and obviously the owners did not meet their stated goal of having a new agreement in place before the season. But sources say that enough work has been done on other issues that, once the macro financial issues are resolved, a deal could come together quickly.

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NFLPA chief DeMaurice Smith is on the road now, doing his annual visit to every team, and his schedule has been tightened up this year to allow for him to return to the negotiating table as soon as might be needed. There's a sense that the landscape could shift if no deal is done in the next couple of months, as the owners' attention will have to turn to other matters such as negotiating new TV deals, so this is a bit of a precarious time on this issue.

There are still two full seasons to be played before the current CBA expires, but if a new one isn't in place by this time next year, things will feel a great deal more urgent and scary. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? Graziano: Do the Dolphins have a plan? Here's what we found.

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Miami Dolphins. Tom Brady, Patriots bailed out by D on way to start. New England Patriots. Passing Peyton: Brady now No. Kap's reps: 'Little to no response' on job hunt. Kraft: 'Can pray and hope' for Gronkowski return. Gurley unsure on status, but clear on NCAA views. Los Angeles Rams. OBJ, Mayfield frustrated over failing to connect. Cleveland Browns. Allen: Broncos' Harris 'can't hold my jockstrap'. As a consequence, the department has estimated Australia will have reduced its emissions by some million tonnes more than required over the eight years to , thereby meeting its Kyoto obligations.

'What we found was disappointing' - Sellafield pledges to clamp down on bullying

This is consistent with Mr Morrison's claim. But Australia's success has had little to do with Coalition policies. Rather, it reflects an accounting assumption allowing the carryover of emissions and emissions reductions achieved during the early years of the second Kyoto period. This is correct. Because Australia's population has been increasing, emissions per capita have been falling, and are currently at the lowest levels since Likewise, the "emissions intensity" of the economy — measured by calculating emissions per dollar of real GDP.

As experts have previously told Fact Check, what counts as far as the Earth's atmosphere — and international agreements — are concerned is the total level of emissions. Moreover, while Australia's emissions per capita have fallen, they remain among the highest in the world.

In the year to March , emissions from Australia's electricity sector were This is correct, but it has little to do with the policies of the Morrison Government. Using the raw data which is not adjusted to account for seasonal variations , Australia's electricity sector produced This was, as Mr Morrison points out, As previously noted by Fact Check, the fall in electricity sector emissions was the result of rising wholesale prices for electricity, the closure of big, ageing coal-fired power stations in Victoria Hazelwood and South Australia Northern and Playford , and surging investment in renewable energy.

Topics: climate-change , climate-changedisasters , scott-morrison , united-states. First posted September 30, Send us your tip-offs, or let us know what you think. By Kristian Silva and staff. During an emotional monologue, the veteran broadcaster thanks his audience for sharing their stories with him over his year career radio career.

'What we found was disappointing' - Sellafield pledges to clamp down on bullying

While The Sun probably isn't in a hurry to splash details of our personal lives across its front pages, there's a lot us mere mortals can learn from the Wagatha Christie scandal. By business reporter Emily Stewart. Reuters: Lucas Jackson.

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  8. Fact check: Emissions 'deficit' Energy Minister Angus Taylor says the Coalition inherited a million tonne emissions "deficit" when it came to office, and that it had since been turned around by 1. Fact Check finds that to be misleading. Reuters: Fadi Al-Assaad.

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    AAP: Greenpeace. Contact Send us your tip-offs, or let us know what you think. Connect with Fact Check. Faine signs off for final time By Kristian Silva and staff During an emotional monologue, the veteran broadcaster thanks his audience for sharing their stories with him over his year career radio career. What we can learn from the WAG scandal By Kellie Scott While The Sun probably isn't in a hurry to splash details of our personal lives across its front pages, there's a lot us mere mortals can learn from the Wagatha Christie scandal.