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De Profundis: Letters from the Abyss

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Knowing it was welcome. Easy to love because he never asked,. So quietly grateful for whatever he got,.

Your source for everything within the underground.

He put nothing in the way. April 15, —. On the plains of Nebraska. If you have any questions or comments regarding grading or anything else, please send e-mail to nobleknight nobleknight. De Profundis - Letters from the Abyss 1st Edition. Sold Out. Category: Role Playing Games. Genre: RPG - Horror.

How well do you know your own mind? Games within games and worlds within worlds: horrors lurk behind the corners of everyday existence and stories of fears beyond imagination come in letters from strangers. De Profundis is a revelation in gaming, a return to the noble roots of horror with an entirely new style of play. Share your experiences with others and read as their descriptions link together, creating a tapestry of psychological terror in a web that covers the globe, to ensnare you utterly.

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De Profundis is a radical GM-free role-playing game of modern and s horror in the style of H. It can be used solo or with a group. Home Back to Results. SW Shrink Wrapped. Mint Perfect.

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Dr. Leon Kilbert: "Voices from the Abyss - Letters and Essays"

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