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He specializes in helping fitness businesses to succeed. Joe is also a Writer, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker. In this episode, Joe talks about his Fatherhood journey, drops a few health and wellness tips on us and covers all aspects of being a Dad from dealing with technology to discipline and much more. He is a sergeant with the NYPD. He has an inspiring weight loss story and has lost over pounds. In this episode Aaron delivers a powerful message about weight loss, discusses the importance of strengthening the relationship between Police Officers and the community, the importance of having a father in the household and much more.

He had more wins than any other jockey in all of North America in In this episode Jose tells us what life is like as a top level jockey while being a father. He also discusses this years Kentucky Derby, how we can get the younger generation interested in Horse Racing and his transition from Puerto Rico to the United States. He now owns multiple gyms and hosts a podcast called Coffee with Khalipa.

In this episode Jason tells us how he became involved with CrossFit, Which exercise he believes is the most beneficial and how he and his family handled the devastating news when his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of four. He also delivers great advice about fatherhood and family life that all Dads will benefit from. Episode Erik Rees is a First Class Father of three children including the late Jessie Rees who passed away at the age of 12 from brain cancer.

Rather than focusing on herself, Jessie found a way offer comfort to other children by creating Joy Jars which continue to bring hope to children all over the world. In this episode Erik tells us about The inspiring story of his daughter Jessie. Drew has been featured on The Dr.

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Episode Shane Dorian is a First Class Father and world class surf boarder who has been surfing professionally since he was a teenager. He is one of the best Big Wave Surfers in the world. He tells us about the Osama Bin Laden raid from his point of view. Also, he opens up about his feelings on his son Rob catching heat for coming out with the story as well as his book, The Operator. Tom drops some great advice for parents whose kids are joining the military after high school this year and maybe even chasing the dream of becoming a Frogman.

He has been covering the weather both in the field and in the studio for over 20 years.

#162 Jason “Jake” Jean

In this episode Rob tells us how he became passionate about covering the weather, he shares his Fatherhood journey and offers some great advice for all Dads. Episode George P. He is the grandson of the late Former President George H. Bush, the nephew of Former President George W. In this episode George talks about his Fatherhood journey and how growing up in the Bush Family has influenced his own parenting style.

He also delivers an awesome message for new and about-to-be Fathers. The book deals with many of the challenges facing parents today. In this episode Chris discusses the new book, why he and his wife decided to write it and his own journey to Fatherhood as a Dad of Three boys. He also details his upcoming trip around the world with his family. Tim and his wife Eva Shockey have a daughter and a new baby on the way. In this episode Tim shares his Fatherhood journey, his transition from Professional Ice Hockey to the great outdoors and how becoming a Dad has changed his perspective on life.

He is now a keynote speaker and consultant who works with Corporate as well as Athletic clients. In this episode Jason shares his journey from the Diamond to the Trident and to the beginning of his company Stonewall Solutions. Barry also shares his fatherhood journey and has advice for aspiring actors and their parents.

In this episode he shares his journey from the music and entertainment industry to Fatherhood to Homeland Security. Uncle Louie is also supporting the Law Enforcement community through his new company which is the largest distributor of Challenge Coins Nationwide. He and his wife have a baby girl and in this episode Kevan shares his Fatherhood journey, tells us some of the challenges of playing in the NHL while being a Dad and gives us his thoughts on young kids playing Ice Hockey. He is also heavily involved with the Jessie Rees Foundation.

In this episode Jordan shares his journey to Fatherhood and his opinion on kids playing contact football. Before his career in the octagon, Eryk was a standout linebacker with the Alabama Crimson Tide where he won a National Championship. He is a father of two boys and in this episode he talks about his upcoming fight and how fatherhood has changed his perspective on life. He sells out stadiums with his 10x Growth Conferences and has a dynamic speaking ability. In this episode Grant shares his journey to fatherhood, he speaks about Dad Life, Family Life and how he is able to balance everything in his action packed daily routine.

He offers some great advice about Real Estate, how to get kids interested earning money and so much more. Jason is also on the brink of receiving a PHD in Business. In this episode he discusses his journey to fatherhood as a single Dad who is co-parenting with his daughters mom. His four year old daughter is a chip off the old block who is already completing Obstacle Courses herself. His latest role is in Unplanned which is a huge box office success. Alexander is a father of six children including a set of twins.

In this episode he talks about his fatherhood journey and how working on a film like Unplanned had a personal effect on him and other members of the cast. In this episode Jason shares his fatherhood journey and offers some awesome advice for all Dads. He motivates people around the world as a top motivational speaker, author for kids and adults, he is a podcast host of Team Never Quit, behavioral training specialist, YouTube personality, private performance coach, has a strong social media presence, is a charity volunteer, and mentor for young men.

In this episode David shares his fatherhood journey and discusses how the concepts he speaks about all over the world can relate directly to fatherhood. He is an expert on the subject of bullying, he is known as The Bully Magnet. He is an author of a series of books based on Bullying. In this episode Alex shares some of his extensive knowledge and experience with Bullying that will be beneficial to all parents. He also discusses the tragic subject of suicide among Teenagers as well as veterans. He recently realized his dream of becoming a US Citizen. He is a proud American, husband and father of four.

In this episode Riyadh talks about his journey from Mosul to the USA and delivers a powerful message Fatherhood, Family and what it means to become an American. Scott trains pro athletes, MMA athletes and other Strongman competitors.

In this episode Scott shares his fatherhood journey as well as some valuable information about health and nutrition for all Dads and our children. He landed the first successful in the X Games and has accomplished so many other feats on a skateboard. He also has one of the Best Selling video game franchises of all time. In this episode he shares his fatherhood journey and offers some great advice for all Dads. Tony is a father of 6 children all together and he discusses some of the challenges of dealing with divorce while being in the public eye.

He also tells us who inspired him in the beginning of his amazing career and what his plans are for the future. In this episode he shares his journey to and philosophy on fatherhood. Jeff also has some awesome advice that all Dads can benefit from. He stars in The Mayans M. He served three combat tours and now owns several companies which give back to the veteran community.

He is a father of six children in a blended family and in this episode Vinny discusses some of the challenges he faced going through a divorce and how he turned his life around and eventually obtained full rights to his children. He offers some great advice and shares a candid version of his journey to fatherhood. In this episode Matt discusses some of the challenges of being a father while being on such a successful reality show.

He also offers some insight on how he and his ex-wife handled their very publicized divorce. He tells us about the new season of the show premiering on April 2. Matt also has a great message about fatherhood and some awesome advice for all Dads. He has some brand new music on the way as well.

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In this episode Nick discusses the challenges of being Divorced, Remarried and co-parenting his daughter with his ex-wife and her new husband. He also delivers a powerful message about fatherhood and family life.

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Over his twenty years in Naval Special Warfare he transitioned from an enlisted SEAL sniper to a junior officer leading assault and sniper teams in Iraq and Afghanistan, to a platoon commander. He is a successful entrepreneur who has helped so many people along the way. In this episode Jason offers some excellent advice for all Dads. Fatherhood came a bit later in the game for Curtis who married the love of his life and became the father of her little girl. His wife became diagnosed with Cancer which, after treatment, has now been in remission for eight years.

They have a daughter together and are fostering a set of twins. In this episode he offers some awesome advice for new dads shares his journey to fatherhood. He is our featured Frogman of the week and it is an honor to have him on the podcast. He is married to a beautiful woman whom he's been dating since seventh grade and they have two children together.

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He is also an author and a speaker so he has a lot of experience and advice to offer Dads at every level of fatherhood. Episode Tyler Jack Harris is a First Class Father who went from the unemployment line to millionaire in just three and a half years.