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Hybrid threats

The above phenomena increase the demand for knowledge, the use of which may directly or indirectly influence the effectiveness of agencies responsible for internal security. With its basic goal of spreading the knowledge of the protection of public safety and order, the scientific journal Internal Security is one of the many ventures aimed at meeting the demand. The journal is oriented towards security aspects of universal scope. It is a forum where views and opinions are exchanged by specialists of various branches both scientists and practitioners from different countries, and in particular European ones.

Entrepreneurs of non-public sector are welcome to exchange their opinions in the journal, as well. In many cases methods and mechanisms which are used to ensure safety are of universal nature and they can be applied by both, public and non-public sectors. Malicious attacks within financial companies account for 75 percent of losses.

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Intentional internal fraud comes in two forms those who plan to steal money or information for dishonest purposes and those who capitalize on an opportunity. One example is a professional hacker contacting a bank employee offering bribes in exchange for passwords or access to data, allowing thieves to steal information. Another example is a loan officer who partners with an attorney creating a scheme to extend fraudulent loans to fake consumers. Low paying jobs, such as teller positions, are particularly vulnerable to insider fraud.

As financial companies increase security, thieves are more inclined to approach current employees as partners or to trick employees to inadvertently giving the thief access to sensitive information. Criminals with the knowledge to make money from stealing data connect with employees who serve as the access point.

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Security protocols allow employees access to certain areas and information in the course of completing their job efficiently. Evaluating what security clearances employees should have is the first step to closing the loop on internal fraud. Potential steps can include limiting the information and access of employees.

Security Scan - Complex Challenge of India's Internal Security

For example, requiring two team members present when opening and closing the vault adds both internal and external security. No one person has access to the cash held overnight by a bank. Another protocol might be to cancel access to the building, systems, and key information at the time of termination.

For example, when an employee has access to a physical key, they can reproduce the key at any point in their employment. On the other hand, companies using electronic access systems , allow managers to cancel access immediately upon termination. Whether the company stores information in computer files or file cabinets, immediately canceling access are critical in preventing former employees from stealing data after termination.

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Lack of security expertise can lead to losses in financial institutions. The average employee does not connect everyday actions with theft and vulnerabilities.

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Whether an employee inadvertently downloads a file, releasing malware into the system, sends secure information to their home networks, or leaves file cabinets containing secure information unlocked, the action can have long-term consequences for the company. For example, a loan officer might leave a physical file on their desk before a client meeting or may have a company-issued laptop stolen, giving thieves access to confidential information. Financial companies put protocols in place to address the issue of security. However, in the day to day operations employees may not regularly follow those protocols if they find them inconvenient.

Common shortcuts include leaving file drawers containing sensitive data unlocked, sharing passwords, and allowing multiple employees to use a computer without resigning in. In addition to ongoing training, automating security processes will improve execution.

World Internal Security & Police Index (WISPI) | International Police Science Association

Financial institutions face a range of challenges when it comes to security. Companies must consider both internal and external threats from both intentional and unintentional sources. Senseon helps safeguard both money and customer data to reduce the risk of a security breach.

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