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If i settle my outstanding, when my name can clear ftom ccris? Hi…can i know what mean RD46 blacklist in rhb easy loan? If i reschedule my outstanding debt, eill my name be taken out from the special attention accounts.

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I have applied for car loan on 10th Sept But I have waited almost going to be month till today. But there is no any response on my loan application. Seek your help to advice how can I make an complain the delay for loan approval. Hi Lieu, now i wan to apply housing loan then the bank side rejected and say i had been blacklisted by EPF. Reason being is i use fake EPF statement to apply credit card in year which I cannot rembr wats going on tat time. Go to EPF obviously you need to. You need to talk to EPF to resolve this if they are the one who filed your blacklist, then they are the one who can un-blacklist you.

Need your advice here. My case is like this: Last year i applied for personal loan but was rejected because of the ccris report. This year i applied again, after i have cleared all my bad record and my ccris report now is beautiful. The thing is now the loan is still rejected by the bank. When i asked the guy marketing he said my record and everything is excellent and he also did not understand why it is rejected.

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Appreciate if you can provide me the list of possibilities of why my application rejected. Also check your own Debt Servicing Ratio. Hi Jade, My name is Darren, so happenned I saw your old posting in this site. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you very much. Bank will evaluate you based on your income alone. If your income alone does not qualify for the loan amount, then putting your fiancee name in in this case is not gonna help. I wish to apply for third loan with banks but to no avail. All the payment history were clean and on due. Dont have any commitment other than the above showed.

Bank will also check on your DSR based on your current monthly commitment vs your monthly income evidence.

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Common sense, yes? I applied for personal loan but was rejected because of my ccris report from the housing loan. I think i have a consistent 1 because i always pay late every month.

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The due date for the month is every 1st, but i only pay on the 28th. Every month will be the same. That is why i know i have a consistent 1 record in ccris. My question is, 1 if i still continue with my current pattern of payment , is there a possible way that my personal loan will be approve?

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What can i do so that i can get the personal loan. Howlong it takes for my ccris report to clear. It would take 12 months for the record to clear. Bhd company.

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I also received lawyer letter from the supplier but none of it have my personal name. HI Thomas, although it is a Sdn Bhd, most business owner will sign a letter of guarantee when taking loans from banks. You might not realize it when signing lots of documents.

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I am not sure if this is for your case, but it looks like it does explain what you are experiencing. As you mention, credit card outstanding will be updated in ccris on the other month every 15th. I make full payment every months. My questions are:. Can I know amount updated in ccris? Installment amount indicate in the report? Is it true?

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Hi Sifu, I want to ask something. Hope I can get the answer here because since I been googles my question but unable to get my answer. Here is my problems. Total loan was RM26, Hope all sifu-sifu here can give me some explanation about it. Your informations is highly appreciated. CTOS normally for business people. If you owe another business entity money, and when people want to do biz with you, then can check how trustworthy are you in paying up.

If you have no repayment history bank can check on, I am not surprised bank require you to have a guarantor. I have just obtained Credit report from BNM. I have zero credit account, zero credit application in the past 12 months.

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I have been living debt-free life for many years now and I prefer to continue living like this but i was told that having zero credit like this will affects my credit score rating. Is that true? I dont need to get credit card or any loan but infuture i might need to change my car and get a car loan. Will bank reject my loan in future if i still have zero credit like this?

Hi Nawarat, nice! Perhaps you want to articulate your queries more clearly? Now, i am unable to apply any loan even the restructure period has ended. FYI i have pay as normal payment since end of restructure period. Hi Mimi, best to check with Bank Negara itself. Is it a good idea? How many banks do offer such facilities. Maybe you can check out iMoney. Currently I have only two commitment and the record is clean.

Why the bank negara did not update the latest status? It was so irritating when I get rejected the loan from others. Hi Eric, I am not too sure what it means, does it mean traffic summons outstanding?