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Katie developed an obstinate streak in her early years, much to the bemusement of Scott and the rest of the Fischer clan. Fischer and his guides, Neal Beidleman and Anatoli Boukreev, successfully brought six of their eight clients to the summit on May 10, , but during the descent they were caught high in the Death Zone the terrain above 26, feet by a massive blizzard.

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While his guides and clients eventually descended safely, Fischer, who had become increasingly ill while shuttling climbers to and from camp, was unable to make it below the Balcony at 27, feet, eventually succumbing to hypothermia and becoming one of eight to perish in the deadliest 24 hours on Everest up to that point. Katie Rose remembers his hands—the strong appendages that led him up some of the most impressive rock faces, glaciers, and peaks on earth—but she never joined them on a trek up Mount Rainier or watched them cut into a birthday cake.

In his absence their relationship blossomed, with the pair often imagining their characteristics and ticks—the way Katie Rose flashes a smile or Andy moves his hands across a guitar—in the man that continues to touch their lives two decades after his death. But of course they also grew up in the shadow of tragedy, and Katie Rose learned, even as a young girl, the weight of grief on the human psyche.

Through nursing, Katie Rose hoped she could do the same for her patients. Dawa met Scott Fischer while serving as a lead porter on a expedition to Baruntse. During early mornings and evenings on that climb, the two shared hot meals and stories from home and promised to stay in touch after the expedition. Together they topped Ama Dablam, Broad Peak, and a handful of other mountains over the next half decade.

Dawa helped start Classrooms in the Clouds in When he met Katie Rose in he saw pieces of Scott that he thought had died with his friend decades before. When he was alive, he said he would like to do things for Nepal and its people. When Katie came, she said she would like to do the same.

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When Katie Rose and her family were approached by U. The resulting film by the IMAX crew on the mountain that day cut him out completely. Finally, an Everest movie set to debut in the fall of , featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as Fischer, would add an element of Hollywood to a man who was anything but.

When the earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, Katie Rose and Andy were six days from embarking on their trip, tracking down passports and texting through final preparations. Overnight the quake crippled an entire country. The documentary quickly became an afterthought. People showed up with envelopes of cash to be delivered to Nepalese guides, families, and friends.

Social media circles now saw Katie Rose and Andy as a bridge between Seattle and the afflicted. The two had a decision to make: Accept this mission or back away. After a few days of deliberation, Andy made the difficult choice to stay put, feeling that his rush to aid could ultimately deplete the precious resources of those he had originally set out to help. As a nurse, Katie Rose saw her call to action. Gunlogson, the current Mountain Madness owner, linked her with Neena Jain, an old climbing client and director of a Colorado-based aid organization, Embolden Alliances.

The ER doctor, who had previously done relief work in Haiti, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Nigeria, was already on the ground in Nepal; she promised to connect with Katie straight-away. Dawa had also reached out, letting the Fischer-Price clan know he was okay and offering to wait for Katie Rose should she still choose to come. I felt that all of these people were connected to my dad. Two earthquakes in the spring of , just 17 days apart, ravaged Nepal, killing nearly 9, people and leaving some 3.

Days later, as she sat among the huddled crowd in the field outside Kathmandu the night after the second quake, Katie Rose knew her trip was over. But as the sun rose, a stranger offered her and Dr. Jain a cup of tea, and the little girls next to them started laughing and playing with their hair in between smiling for photos. These small acts of resiliency in the face of disaster were the unspoken confirmation Dr.

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Jain and Katie Rose needed to return that fall with a plan. Katie Rose had introduced Dawa to Dr. I am pretty sure there were tears in my eyes the entire time. I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads First Reads Program and based on the description, I had no idea what to expect. The main character, Lindsey, resonated with me from her first trip to the home improvement store through the last page. Because of that, I expected the book to be predictable, but it wasn't.

I read the entire book from cover to cover because I had to see how the family overcame their tragedy- which completely blindsided me. Very realistic portrayal of a family in distress. Jun 22, Kathryn rated it liked it. The book shows the grief process in a realistic way from different perspectives. I liked being able to recognize each individual's moments of healing and change.

It was an okay book. Jul 17, Michele Whitecotton rated it really liked it. I can't say that I enjoyed reading it because it was very hard to read, but it was a very gripping story that stays with you. I am the mother of a 6 year old boy and my heart just broke for Lindsay with every passing page. I spent most of the book being very angry at Jerry. I'm sure losing his son was hard for him too, but it was so much harder on Lindsay and he should have been more understanding. If I lost my son, I couldn't imagine even getting out of bed ever This book was very well written.

If I lost my son, I couldn't imagine even getting out of bed ever again. I really liked how the book was written as weeks instead of chapters, that was very unique and I enjoyed how some of the story was written from Adam's point of view. It was interesting getting the story from the 10 year old's perspective. This is the second book I've read by Ms. Muzik and she is a very talented author. The first book I read by her was "Apathetic" and although it was completely different from "Celia's Journey", it shows how varied her writing can be.

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I am looking foreward to reading more from her. Oct 12, Jean rated it really liked it.

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A truly touching story that brings tears to your eyes as you read it. Jerry and Lindsey Strane seem to be truly enjoying the perfect marriage.

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