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Crocheted and tatted patterns for lingerie yokes many would be good for modern blouses and collars , including Maltese hairpin crochet and filet charts. Selected embroidery patterns from the issues. These patterns were printed in black and white symbols. Photos of a beautiful handbag under construction. Beading on penelope canvas.

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Pictures of the back show that nstead of working the beading on painted canvas, the penelope was prepared for beading by marking the reverse with long threads of the appropriate color. Includes modern recharting of the full design, with DMC color key.

Also suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, or cross-stitch. Artifact photos of a large, round unfinished project, possibly intended as a pot stand or small cusion. Lovely multicolor beadwork predominantly red and deep green floral arabesques with accents. Images include close-ups and reverse of the work, plus a modern recharting.

Chart suitable for beading, cross-stitch, needlepoint, or Berlin woolwork. Full color charted design for beaded needlepoint tray, graphed from actual artifact. Fine detail photos of the source tray and how the needlework was mounted are included. Artifact photo of a badly damaged small beaded bag. The frame is gone and many beads are missing, but enough remained on both sides to reconstruct the entire pattern. Black, silver, green, and shades of purple, in a floral and arabesque geometric design.

Modern recharting and DMC color key included. Artifact photo of a fully beaded drawstring purse, with a rounded bottom and beaded dangle ornament. Inside is lined, with a linen frill top edge and internal drawstring. Technique used may be bead weaving. Includes modern charting and DMC color key equivalents for the beads. Images by permission of ebay seller banderllon, pattern reconstructed and charted by Sytske Wijnsma. Artifact photo of a lovely beaded tray, with a central hexagonal motif and rose motifs at the sides. Close-ups clearly show combo of cross stitch and beads stitched on penelope canvas.

Includes modern charting and DMC color key equivalents for stitching and beads.

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Fabulous 19th Century Victorian Period beadwork and needlework panel embellished with glass beads, c. The beadwork has a black wool background with beautiful coloration in the decorative glass beads featuring turquoise, gold, white, silver, clear, bronze and pink. Permission to reproduce images by ebay seller antiquesandmooresales. Pattern reconstructed with slight corrections by Sytske Wijnsma.

Knitting and crochet instructions, hook sizing graph, patterns for babies, hats, shawls, vests, mittens, gloves, stockings, blankets and a fabulous tea cozy. Traditional lacy knit shawls and wraps using lace-weight yarns. Circular, square and triangular forms, most with edgings. Some crocheted designs, too. An enormous and wonderful book, essential for understanding late Victorian needlework. Instructions in Silk Embroidery, Knitting and Crocheting, Illustrated with cuts, half tones and color plates.

Full color plates showing shading, detailed diagrams of stitch direction and formation, written instructions, inclduing lists of thread colors used. Also instructions for Mount Mellick table spread with a knotted fringe trim, a shirtwaist in surface stitched whitework, and freehand designs for shirtwaist and lingerie embroidered edgings, designs for gown embellishment, embroidery for parasols, lampshades, and several cushions. Crochet instructions plus patterns for necktie, purse, suspenders, and a small pinwheel intended to make up bedspreads and table linens.

Silk knitting, crocheting, embroidery instructions and patterns for women's, men's and baby clothing, household items and many bags and purses. Charted multicolor design for a spray of flowers. Suitable for cross-stitch, Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, beading. DMC color key included. Images donated by Sandra Cooke all rights reserved , charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

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The license is more restricted than our usual one. A simple embroidery pattern, depending for its effect mainly on the chosen colors. Nice curly outline gives a lively effect. This pattern is also present on a band sampler in the Victoria and Albert museum collection, and that sampler is dated Multicolor chart for a small square design of 70x70 units, floral spray inside an asymmetrical border. Suitable for Berlin woolwork, needlepoint, or cross-stitch. Unknown maker, Berlin woolwork design in the "jewelled" style, for a purse.

Original image was incomplete, a handpainted design definitely 19thC, unfortunately the maker has not been traced so we cannot show it here.

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No images donated, publication contains just the chart. Charted by Sytske Wijnsma. Artifact photos of four small multicolor Berlin woolwork fragments, possibly detached from a single now lost woolwork sampler, or at least by the same hand the yarns and colors used on the four are identical. Photos plus one modern recharting of all designs presented, with DMC color key. Also suitable for needlepoint, cross-stitch, or beading.

Quick and Easy Crochet Shawl Patterns

Images donated by ebay seller vanye90, charted and put together by Sytske Wijnsma. Multicolor charted all-over design of overlapping and joined square motifs. Primarily browns and blues, with some red and yellow accents. Intended for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for needlepoint, beading, and cross-stitch. Handpainted original plus modern recharting and DMC color key. Hand painted, multicolor charted geometric design intended for Berlin woolwork. Rectangle with side borders, center motif and dramatic ends. Also suitable for cross-stitch and beading.

Would make a great petit point rug for a dollhouse. Four border designs, each from a fragment of a Berlin woolwork handpainted pattern.

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Seven multicolor charted all-over designs intended for Berlin woolwork, can also be used for needlepoint, cross-stitch or beading. Includes a particularly striking peacock feather pattern. Yellow and red roses. The original pattern shows no repeat, but it's clearly a repeating border, because the stems left and right match perfectly.

Half of the original sheet. Scan donated by Iva Innocenti, charted by Steven Stephan, in color and black and white. Photo of the end piece of an antique Berlin woolwork sampler. Assorted small motifs florals, butterflies, house, guitar, key, sword, cross, anchor, crown, parrot, and more.

Accompanied by modern chart in color. Suitable also for needlepoint, cross-stitch, or beading. Handpainted embroidery pattern showing a black chantilly lace ribbon with four flowers. Book No. All knitting, all jackets. Unfortunately incomplete. Still, nice jackets and some are surprisingly modern-looking!