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Can the pawn become the queen?

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I gulped it down". Stephen Davies spent several years living amongst Fulani herders in Burkina Faso as a missionary. He has written for the Guardian Weekly Letters from Burkina Faso and the Sunday Times and is the author of several books for young readers.

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ChessBoxer – Apollo EP (ALBUM REVIEW)

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Inside the World of Chessboxing

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The Mystery Of Chessboxing

Chessboxer Stephen Davies. Buy from. I gulped it down' Sarah Crossan Leah Baxter is a genius. So I read the article, and it was about chessboxing in London, and immediately I thought: this is my next film. How it works is two opponents play up to 11 rounds switching between chess and boxing, stopping once someone is knocked out, checkmated, or the time runs out on their chess clock. And about eight or nine months after I discovered it, I saw that the inventor of the sport [Rubingh] was going to be retiring from fighting.

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The film follows the growth of the sport and how different clubs have sprung up with different visions for where they want the sport to go, how they want to popularize it and present it to the public for the first time. So, they want a fighter who would excel at both boxing and chess and have them compete and make a super, uber professional league in that kind of image. Whereas in London, they have more of a kind of night-out feel to them.

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  • And in L. Since filming began in , he has already seen growth within the chessboxing community. Initially there were only clubs in Berlin, London, L.