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Inside Story - 'A disaster of biblical proportions'

Imagine the chagrin if, after all these years spent staring at the San Andreas Fault, waiting for the most-predicted, -costly and -deadly natural disaster in US history, Californians should instead be washed away by a flood of Biblical proportions. They calculate that such a flood, not unprecedented in California, could dwarf the damage of even a magnitude 7. We are getting used to the idea of floods of Biblical proportion occurring in places other than Bangladesh, where they have become virtually annual events.

This month January, alone has seen vast flooding in Australia its most expensive natural disaster ever , Brazil the deadliest ever, nearly dead , Sri Lanka a once-inyears event , South Africa worst in 30 years and the Philippines 40 dead, half a million displaced. But to understand what could happen to California, and how a flood could be more destructive than a major earthquake, you have to go back to When the USGS ran a scenario on the impact such a storm would have on California today, the results were awesome — as in shock and awe.

USGS enters the weather porn business with ARkStorm | Watts Up With That?

Not a hurricane, but a late-October superstorm, the likes of which we will see again. What she did not say directly, but was implicit in the USGS warning, was that global climate change is rapidly raising the probability of this and other disasters.

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Last year there were two monster storms, with the size and power of tropical hurricanes, in the mid-latitudes. On October 26 a weather station in Minnestoa reported the lowest barometric pressure Refugee camps are filling up with millions of evacuees who remained at shelters and were not lucky enough to bunk in with friends or relatives and try and start over again.

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The end of a functioning U. The ARkStorm series is patterned after the historical events that flooded the central valley of California. The scientifically realistic 'superstorm' scenario developed and published by the United States Geological Survey has been adapted as a story line that includes the author's modern day applications of emergency management principles with a prepper community slant.

Keep your feet and your powder dry folks! Ron thanks for the valuable information you share. I have learned so much from your books.

Now this was a interesting disaster fiction read and listen. I had never even heard of an ARkStorm until this author presented it.

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Phil narrated this one well and it was a good listen. I look forward to more from both of these great storytellers. I never write anything negative but on this one, I just could not find anything good about it and hate that I paid to hear it. The narrator's voice is mechanical and it was painful to listen to, as well as the story being so fragmented with explanations of the how to or political views that it totally made it impossible to feel the characters in the book and ruined whatever the story part of this book could have been.

I love to know how to with prepping but to in such a way that it destroys the book I have paid my hard earned money to enjoy.

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I feel cheated out of my money and my book credit. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Ron Foster.